Introducing Malli Srinivas

Malli Srinivas is an experienced trainer & motivational speaker on leadership and Emotional intelligence.

She believes in transforming people at every level. Her unique skill is her ability to transform people and unleash their true and extraordinary potential.

Transform By Malli

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Claim ownership of your life in a way that feels empowering. Always remind yourself that you are enough, whole & capable.
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The easiest thing in the world, to have emotions and the most difficult, having control over them. Without emotions, humans become robots. Learn to make your Emotions work for you.
Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication

Whether at home or in an office environment, you need to be heard and adhered to. Learn to communicate effectively and with confidence, speak to be heard, not ignored.
Conflict management

Conflict management

Conflict makes life move forward. It is an unavoidable aspect of home and work place. Learn to manage conflicts and become an expert at creative problem solving.
Right Attitude & Empathy

Right Attitude & Empathy

A simple rule in life, to treat your fellow people, the way you would like them to treat you. Learn to project yourself in the best light.
"If you need counselling according to the books, then I may not the person you are looking for. Anyone can Google and find information, for example, that the four stages of grief are denial/shock, anger, bargaining and depression and finally acceptance. All the self help books put out to the public should have ensured that the emotional and mental health of people is guaranteed. But it is not so. 

My USP - Unique Selling Point is that I take your UPP into consideration. What is UPP - that's your 'Unique Problem Pattern'. 

I strongly believe that each person is unique and how we cope with our circumstances varies significantly and generalisations will not help."
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Storytelling creates Bonding

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